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full service floral design

Our Full Service offering is for our clients that want an individualized design with possible larger scale installations and table styling. Our clients present color pallettes and design inspirations. Aesthetic and sizing is completely personalized per wedding. Written proposals and consultations are provided, as well as being available to answer all questions through the process.

a la carte floral design

Our  "À La Carte" offering is perfect for the couple that, for whatever reason - lack of time, interest - does not want to think about their wedding florals. Let alone the designing process.


With our curated menu of floral arrangements composed of "seasonal" or "florist choice" designs, clients only need to provide their preferred color palatte, if any, while the rest will be taken care of by us.

Large scale items that require a large team and or items will require additional labor/travel and would not be available with this service.

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